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Proficient Pilot Program

Overview:  It is a proven statistic that lack of currency and proficiency of a pilot creates additional stressors not only on the pilot but on the GA System as a whole relating to accidents and incidents.  High Flight Aviation believes strongly that currency and proficiency are not synonymous.  FAA standards of keeping current provide only a bare minimum level of skill retention.  Our Pilot Proficiency Program helps you stay sharp and continuously build your skills whether you are a Private Pilot, Commercial Pilot or Flight Instructor.  

Our proficiency programs are modeled after the FAA WINGS program, which has a proven track record of increased pilot proficiency and decreased accidents and incidents.  While enrolled in one of our proficiency programs, you receive the equivalent of approximately three FAA Flight Reviews per year*.   For pilots enrolled in our program, you NEVER have to worry about when your Flight Review expires....  because it won't!  In addition, pilots enrolled in one of our programs will never be out of either Instrument or "Passenger Carry" (Three T/O's/Landings every 90 days) currency.  

Our Pilot Proficiency Programs provide you with low-cost, custom-tailored training to your skill level in the aircraft of your choice.  Each program is custom-tailored for your skill level and aircraft(s) of choice giving you a completely personalized experience.  Each time you fly with us, we provide you with different challenges to keep your piloting skills sharp, 365 days a year!  In addition, any client enrolled in a Pilot Proficiency Program receives 10% off any course or rating we offer.  We are more interested in your safety and skill-building then we are about money.  For Plus One Flyers members, this means you'll never have to worry about a club flight review again.

Basic Proficiency

Our Basic level program is geared toward VFR Private Pilots.  You receive a monthly, 2-hour personalized lesson.  We cover enhanced air work, procedures, emergencies and system failures.  As with all of our Pilot Proficiency Programs, you'll receive an FAA [61.56] Flight Review and Endorsement every three months.

  • Flight Time: Approximately 2 hours per month
  • Cost: $99/month or $1,000/year (if paid annually)
    • Aircraft cost not included

Advanced Proficiency

Our Advanced level program is geared toward IFR and Commercial-rated pilots.  The Advanced level includes two 2-Hour instructor time blocks every month with lessons geared toward your experience level and aircraft flown.  Your instruction will include both IFR and VFR scenarios, instrument approaches, procedures, emergencies, system failures and professional pilot processes and procedures.  You'll receive an FAA [61.56] Flight Review every 3 months in addition to meeting or exceeding IFR currency requirements per FAR 61.57.  

  • Flight Time: Approximately 4 hours per month
  • Cost: $199/month or $2,000/year (if paid annually)
    • Aircraft cost not included

Master Proficiency

Our Master level program is targeted toward pilots wishing to keep their skills at professional levels.  The Master level provides three 2-Hour instructor blocks monthly with advanced lessons in IFR/VFR scenarios, Avionics, CRM, SRM, Accident and Risk Analysis, Advanced IFR, Emergencies, Systems Failures and more.  The Master-level program is for anyone that wants to take their skills to the next level.  You'll also receive an FAA [61.56] Flight Review every two months and maintain IFR Currency per 61.57.  In addition, anyone enrolled in the Master Proficiency Program will be invited to attend many private or "invitation-only" events that High Flight Aviation puts on.  These include specialized training (eg: G500, G1000, Garmin Avionics, Emergency and Survival Skills and more).

  • Flight Time: Approximately 6 hours per month
  • Cost: $299/month or $3,000/year (if paid annually)
    • Aircraft cost not included

* Enrollment in the FREE FAA WINGS Program is required.