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Aviation is our passion and we think it shows in everything we do.

Our President and Chief Instructor is Shane Terpstra who founded the company in 2011.  Shane started flying at the age of 16.  Pursuing a career in Information Technology, Shane stayed true to his passion for aviation by continuously flying or advancing his ratings over the past 20 years.  Shane is a passionate aviation enthusiast, FAA FAASTeam Lead Representative,  Accident Investigator and Board member of Plus One Flyers, former airline Captain, as well as an aircraft owner.  Shane is currently the Director of Safety for the largest flight club in the United States.  

Utilizing his background in technology and business management, Shane has put together all of the syllabus' used in each of the HFA courses.  Our structured approach to instruction ensures your money is well spent and time well utilized.  

Shane is a Airline Transport Pilot, Certificated Flight Instructor (Single & Multi-Engine Land and Single-Engine Sea) with Instrument Privileges, an FAA Gold Seal Flight Instructor and a NAFI Master Instructor, a designation held by less than 1,000 instructors worldwide.

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Mission Statement:

High Flight Aviation is a leading provider of Accelerated Flight Instruction to aviation-minded individuals by creating a learning partnership throughout the learning phase.  Our goal is to create professional-quality pilots using efficient and leading-edge technologies throughout the training process.

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