High Flight Aviation - Certificates
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High Flight Aviation is pleased to offer accelerated training for your Private Pilot, Commercial Pilot and Certificated Flight Instructor certificates.

Whether you are new to aviation and are looking to get your Private Pilot's license, want to add a rating to your current certificate or you're looking to become a professional pilot, High Flight Aviation has a program for you.  We pride ourselves in offering only the best instruction, content and standardization and it shows in everything we do.  We're confident that you too will find HFA highly dedicated to your success and aviation accomplishments.

We're passionate about aviation.  We're also passionate about the quality of training our students receive.  Our instructors are all involved in the development of course curriculum and all have a vested interest not only in the company's success, but yours as well.  This is apparent with everything we do.  From the custom-designed checklists to standardized forms we use for all of our aircraft checkouts, you will see our attention-to-detail from the get go.

If you are looking for a new challenge, HFA can help.  We offer training for your Private Pilot, Commercial Pilot and CFI certificates as well as all add-on ratings.  The wide variety of aircraft that you have access to allows us to gain a significant advantage over our competition.  Come check us out, we're certain you'll find the level or focus and professionalism you want to see in your next instructor.