High Flight Aviation - Add-On Ratings
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High Flight Aviation provides a simple, cost-effective way to earn your Instrument, Seaplane and Multi-Engine Rating Add-Ons in a structured and friendly environment.

Let's face it, sooner or later, you're going to want to get above that early morning cloud cover.  Maybe you just want to hone your flying skills and provide your brain with a new challenge.  High Flight Aviation can help!  We offer accelerated instrument, multi-engine and seaplane (coming soon) ratings, all based out of beautiful San Diego, CA.

Accelerated Instrument Rating

Getting your Instrument Rating is one of the most exciting and challenging ratings you will get.  HFA provides you with a thorough knowledge and understanding of the National Airspace System and flying in "the system."  We offer multiple accelerated course options for your Instrument Rating depending on your schedule.  Our intense training routine prepares you not just for passing the check-ride, but for real world scenarios and best practices that will improve your flying skills dramatically.

Accelerated Multi-Engine Rating

If you're tired of just one engine, why not add-on a Multi-Engine rating?  HFA can help you through the fun and exciting world of multi-engine airplanes through our accelerated multi-engine rating course.  You'll do all of your initial training in the Beech Duchess where our instructors will provide you with a deep foundation of knowledge for moving up to bigger and faster multi-engine airplanes.

Accelerated Seaplane Rating

Let's face it, every pilot has wanted to land on water at least once in their career.  HFA can make that dream a reality.  Our accelerated seaplane rating adds a level of fun you can only get while flying.  We offer 2 different courses depending on the locations you would rather fly to.  All of your flying will start out in San Diego where you will then fly East to the Colorado River or North to Central and Northern California.  You will get to takeoff and land on water a dozen times and after your check-ride, you'll be itching to go again.