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High Flight Aviation is proud to partner with Plus One Flyers to offer checkouts in all Plus One aircraft, including G1000 and Cirrus Transition training.

Are you ready to move up to faster, more advanced and more complex airplanes?  Let High Flight Aviation help.  Our simple, structured aircraft checkout procedure gives you an easy path to get checked out in your dream aircraft.  HFA offers checkouts in a variety of aircraft from G1000 182's to Cirrus SR-22's to Piper Malibu's.  Checkouts are done in either the 1 or 2-day syllabus, depending on the aircraft and your experience.

G1000 & Cirrus Transitions

HFA offers a complete, 2-day syllabus for your G1000 and Cirrus transition.  For those unable to do a 2-day routine, we can do custom scheduling that meets your needs.  Either way, you will receive a detailed transition training program that includes a full syllabus for each transition.

The G1000 transition follows the Cessna/Garmin FITS (FAA Industry Training Standards) syllabus.  This syllabus provides best practices for the transition to TAA (Technically Advanced Aircraft) and gives you the knowledge and tools necessary to fly these aircraft safely.  The syllabus consists of approx 2 hours of ground instruction followed by 4 flights in the G1000 aircraft of your choice.

The Cirrus transition is similar to the FITS transition for G1000 and follows the same path.  The Cirrus transition consists of 2 hours of ground instruction followed by 4 flights in the aircraft.

Aircraft Checkouts

HFA offers a simple, fast and effective way to get checked out in a variety of aircraft.  If you are looking for a Plus One Checkout, insurance checkout or just want to fly a different plane, we can help.  The aircraft listed on our site are the most common club aircraft that we check pilot's out in.  If you have your own aircraft or have a question about an aircraft type not listed, let us know and we'll do our best to help.

Most aircraft checkouts typically take a day to complete with some of the more advanced aircraft having specific requirements.  We have a complete, structure syllabus for each aircraft checkout to give you a detailed understanding of the aircraft you will be flying.  For a list of aircraft we provide checkouts in, click here.

All HFA checkouts satisfy the requirements for both the Plus One annual Flight Review and FAA Flight Review.