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01 Dec

San Diego Tour Routes

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Why not explore your passion for aviation with an initial lesson with one of our knowledgeable instructors.  Choose from 3 routes based on your preference and time, HFA will give you the experience of a lifetime.  Takeoff from either Montgomery or Gillespie field and see San Diego the best way possible, from the air!  All of these lessons start with the basics of flight, including takeoff, climbs, descents, turns, straight & level flight while the San Diego County and Sea to the Desert include basic approach and landing lessons.

Bay Tour: Explore downtown San Diego and get your first lesson...  This flight lasts about 1 hour and can accomodate 3 people or 450 pounds.  This flight routes us around La Jolla, along the coast around Point Loma and up through San Diego bay.  Passing the bay, we'll fly along the border and back east toward our departure airport.  

  • Cost: $180.00

San Diego County: This flight lasts about 2 hours and covers almost all of San Diego County.  From the coast, up through Oceanside, over Fallbrook, Valley Center and around Palomar mountain, down around Julian, Lake Cuyamaca, fly near the border and up through the San Diego bay.  An awesome way to spend a few hours flying over San Diego and exploring the sites most people never see!  

  • Cost: $350.00

Sea to the Desert:  This flight lasts about 2.5-3 hours and can accomodate 3 people or 450 pounds.  We start out with a flight through San Diego harbor, down toward the border of Mexico and out toward the desert.  We'll fly out to Borrego Valley where we will stop for a quick comfort break at Borrego Airport.  From there, we will depart back to Montgomery or Gillespie and head over Julian and Lake Henshaw.  This is truly an excellent way to see our entire beautiful county from the air.

  • Cost: $425.00