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Catalina Checkout

The Airport in the Sky.  Catalina Island is truly a remarkable destination for pilots.  The airport is located 1,500 feet above sea level and is met with a cliff at both ends.  A beautiful destination for your next $100 hamburger.  High Flight Aviation helps dozens of pilots every year conquer the Catalina craze with the Catalina Checkout.  High Flight Aviation gives you all of the insights on Catalina, the flight there and what to do once you get there.  Our Catalina checkout typically lasts approximately 4 hours including the flight to the island, an aerial tour around the West and East sides of the island, Avalon and the interior.  We pick up ALL the landing fees (Normally $25/landing) so that we can give you multiple landing practice at this unique airport.

What we do:

  • Performance calculations
  • Channel crossing guidelines
  • Basic water survival
  • Catalina Island tour
  • Airport familiarization
  • Multiple landings at the Airport in the Sky (ALL FREE)
  • Video footage of the flight, including takeoffs and landings


  • $400.00