High Flight Aviation - Soft Field Landings
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REAL Soft & Short Field Practice

Part of your Private Pilot certificate requires you to demonstrate the ability to takeoff and land on short and soft fields.  Typically though, most pilots rarely get a chance to experience true short and soft field landings.  High Flight Aviation takes your training to the next level by providing you with the expertise necessary to safely get yourself in and out of short and soft fields.  This training is excellent not only for back-country flying but could prove lifesaving in an emergency.  The typical training day starts with review of your aircraft, performance data, Soft & Short Field procedures and a review of our flight plan.  

Once we get in the air, we'll get you briefed and ready for your first soft field landing!  We'll do multiple landings and multiple airports to get you comfortable with your techniques and procedures.  This course runs about 3-3.5 hours including ground, briefing and debriefing.  Some of our training airports have annual landing maximums so we can't guarantee you'll get a specific airport. 

What we do:

  • Performance Calculations
  • Short Field safety considerations
  • Soft Field safety considerations
  • Reading the field (Wind, surface conditions, emergency outs)
  • Proper landing procedures
  • Proper takeoff procedures

Some of our training airports:

  • Ocotillo Wells
  • Lake Riverside Estates
  • On the Rocks
  • Jacumba
  • Ocotillo
  • Agua Caliente
  • ....and more are being added


  • $180