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Commercial Pilot

The Commercial Pilot certificate is a great addition to your pilot resume.  Not just for up and coming Professional Pilots, the Commercial Certificate is an exciting and fun opportunity to continue to enhance your pilot skills.


A structured Commercial Pilot course is the best, most efficient way to obtain your Commercial Pilot certificate.  HFA's 5-Day, accelerated Commercial Pilot course saves you both time and money over the traditional longer term method.  A typical day will involve a flight of 1.5-2 hours followed by ground training.  At the middle of your training we take a fun break to accomplish your cross-country requirements and fly to one of several destinations that meet the requirements.  We fly back that night having then completed your Commercial Pilot requirements for the cross-country phase.  

All HFA courses, you will receive detailed course tracking information for all flights and maneuvers, giving you immediate feedback of your flight(s).  HFA uses cutting-edge technology giving our students an excellent tool for improving their flying skills every step of the way.


  • Take and Pass the Commercial Pilot written test.
  • 240 Hours Total Time which includes:
    • 95 hours in power aircraft (45 of which has to be in airplanes)
  • 95 hours PIC which includes:
    • 50 hours Cross-Country
  • 10 hours solo or PIC which includes:
    • 300nm Cross-Country (one leg is at least 250nm straight line) with 3 landings.


The Commercial Pilot training course is a 5-Day course which includes both ground and air work.  The 5-day course can be done in either a 5-day straight scenario or separately with the following structure:

  • Day 1 - Systems & Basic Commercial Maneuvers
    • 0700-1200: Flight Instruction
    • 1300-1600: Ground Instruction 
  • Day 2 - Commercial Maneuvers
    • 0700-1200: Flight Instruction
    • 1300-1600: Ground Instruction 
  • Day 3 - Commercial Cross-Country Requirements
    • 1300-1700: Dual Day VFR Flight (100nm)
    • ~2000-2200: Dual Night IFR Flight (100nm)
  • Day 4 - Putting it all together
    • 0700-1200: Flight Instruction
    • 1300-1600: Ground Instruction
  • Day 5 - Mock Check-Ride
    • 0700-1200: Flight Instruction (Mock Check-Ride)
    • 1300-1600: Ground Instruction (Mock Oral)

Cost & Aircraft Rental:

  • Course Cost: $4,000
    • If additional instruction is needed after the 5th day, instruction is provided at a daily rate of $800/day or $95/hr if less than a full day is required.  In order to guarantee your reservation a 50% deposit is required within 30 days of the start date with the balance due on the first day of the course.
  • Aircraft Costs (Approx): ~$1,800
    • Aircraft are rented through Plus One Flyers which requires membership to join.  Membership is $129 + $32.00/mo should you decide to remain a member.  You can cancel membership anytime.

Payment Terms and Conditions:

  • Lessons are typically in 3 hour blocks and all clients are billed weekly at $85/hour.  Payment is due upon receipt of invoice and prior to following week's flights.  Payment forms accepted are Cash, eCheck, Visa, Mastercard, AmEx or Apple Pay.