High Flight Aviation - FAQs
Airport Information

We get this question a lot.  The answer is, it depends on you.  The FAA requires 40 hours of training before taking your Private Pilot check ride.  In reality though, the national average for earning your Private Pilot's license is about 60 hours.  When working toward your Private Pilot certificate, we recommend flying twice per week.  With this schedule, we typically see our students ready in around 50 hours.  If you can bump it to 3 times per week, you would likely be looking at about 4 months.

We like to be up-front with our rates so there are no surprises to our clients.   All of our hourly rates are for the time booked.  Most lessons are booked in 3-hour blocks.  For all of our courses, you will be billed once per week with payment due upon receipt of the invoice.  Payments can be Cash, eCheck, Visa, Mastercard, AmEx and PayPal.

Per Hour Pricing

  • Private (aka Primary) Training = $75/hr
  • Instrument, Commercial, CFII, Multi-Engine = $85/hr
  • CFI Initial, Seaplane = $100/hr


Plus One Flyers has various requirements for getting checked out in a few Technically Advanced or High Performance aircraft.  Specifically, the G1000's, Cirrus, Centurian (210), Malibu and a few others have special checkout requirements.  We can help you not only decide which aircraft is best suited for your needs but also do the checkout for you.