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Having been absent from flying for more than 25 years, I took a fun flight over San Diego with Shane Terpstra of High Flight Aviation in July, 2014 and instantly caught the bug again. After the flight I sat with Shane and established a plan to complete my Private Pilot certification. Shane was very accommodating and flexible to my schedule, facilitating many a 6am lesson before work, weather permitting. Within a few short months I had achieved my goal.

In addition, Shane and HF Aviation were extremely competitive on cost and working through PlusOne I was able to achieve my PPL goal for far less than the PPL factories nearby, without compromising on quality. Shane is one of the best CFIs in San Diego. If you want a CFI that is detail-oriented and teaches safety in all techniques, and lessons on how to do it right, that you will remember way beyond your check ride, Shane is the right CFI. Shane breaks it down to explain the fundamentals of why, and why it is so important as pilot-in-command. His tuition is very engaging and professional; his short field landing technique alone enabled me to nail it first time. I would highly recommend Shane Terpstra and HF Aviation to anyone looking to achieve their lifelong goals, or for additional ratings and aircraft checkouts.  --Paul Shew

In my 43 years of flying, HF Aviation Instructor, Shane Terpstra, is one of the finest Instructors I have encountered.
He is instructing me on my Garmin G1000 transition training. I find him to be extremely knowledgeable, professional, engaged, accommodating, and patient.
His instructor style adapts to the students needs and personality making for a comfortable and productive learning environment.
Shane fits nicely into the " the best there is" category for Flight Instructors.  --Henry Sickels, ATP, A&P, CFI-AIM, FCC GROL

Signing up to the Accelerated Instrument Flight Training with High Flight Aviation was the best investment to my aviation education. In my 8 year flying experience, I can attest that Shane is one of the best flight instructors I have flown with. He is a wealth of aviation knowledge as well as a great mentor that will evaluate and adjust to your learning skills and style.

Shane facilitated a seamless transfer of knowledge while making sure that I was comfortable and at ease. He was very accommodating of my schedule and ensured to adjust the course syllabus to my areas of opportunity. Contrary to other 'wholesale' training providers, I received personalized training while flying with an expert CFII.

I achieved my instrument ticket after several days of intensive training with Shane. I can attest without a doubt that you will ready and comfortable to unhook your next certificate or rating when you go through the customized training with High Flight Aviation. --Mo Chamli

"As a busy professional, and at the suggestion of my primary IFR and Float instructor in the IFR laiden winter weather of the Pacific NW, I was in search of a quality program to conduct my compacted Commercial training that was also located in an area that has consistently good weather.  As I searched for options, I contacted several programs in California, Texas, and Florida.  All said "Yeah, we can do that."  The difference was that only High Flight Aviation had a syllabus and a published plan to make it a reality.  Shane is a great instructor - knowledgeable, patient, firm and fair.  We got along very well.  He has the temperament that I need and he took the time to understand my background, experience, and expectations.  Primarily flying IFR in the winter and VFR on floats in the summer, I either had never performed many of the commercial maneuvers, or was incredibly rusty. Shane thoroughly evaluated where I was starting from and then tailored both a ground and flight instruction program to help me reach my goal. I learned a ton and am a much better pilot as a result of it.  I was able to accomplish in a week of immersion, what would have taken months through more traditional instruction methods.  It was an incredibly positive experience and am strongly considering repeating the process for my CFI.  I highly recommend Shane and High Flight Aviation." - Brad Berger