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Accelerated Flight training that delivers results!

Intensive and quality training courses for all of your flight training needs offered at KMYF (Montgomery Field, San Diego CA), KSEE (Gillespie Field, San Diego CA), and KCOE (Pappy Boyington Field, Coeur d’Alene ID).

Accelerated flight courses give you maximum efficiency in minimum time.

An accelerated footprint allows you to set aside a specific amount of time and money to complete your next certificate or rating. Accelerated courses are intense and fully immersive in your training. We split ground and air lessons depending on the course and you can expect to spend all day training during your course with some homework after each course day. Your check rides are typically scheduled for the day following completion of your course using one of our local examiners.

Our Instructors are vetted by our Chief Instructor and are constantly improving their skills and ratings.

Our courses are structured, intense, and fun. The majority of our clients complete our courses within the accelerated footprint.

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Featured Courses

Private Pilot Course

Become a pilot today


Getting your Private Pilot’s license is one of the most rewarding experiences you will ever have. High Flight Aviation provides an excellent learning environment and structured syllabus which allows you to achieve your Pilot’s License in the shortest amount of time possible.

~6 Months

Commercial Certificate

Get Paid to Fly!


The Commercial Pilot certificate is a great addition to your pilot resume. Not just for up and coming Professional Pilots, the Commercial Certificate is an exciting and fun opportunity to continue to enhance your pilot skills. Join us for 5 days of intense flying and fun while learning to hone your piloting skills.

5 Days

CFI Initial

Teach others your passion


The Flight Instructor certificate is one of the most difficult certificates you can earn. Once complete, you gain the ability to teach others your passion and help them accomplish what you just did! High Flight Aviation offers a 5-day Flight Instructor certificate that will give you the knowledge and skill to pass your check ride; the first time! Guaranteed

5 Days

Multi-Engine Add-On

Add an engine


Flying multi-engine aircraft is an excellent addition to any certificate. If you are considering a career in aviation, a multi-engine add-on is required. Let High Flight Aviation help you achieve your goals with an accelerated multi-engine training course. Upgrade your certificate today.

3 Days

Instrument Rating

Fly through some clouds


The Instrument Rating is one of the most challenging and rewarding ratings or certificates you can achieve. The Instrument Rating refines your pilot skills and focuses on the overall “system” of flying. Using a structured approach, HFA can help you get your instrument rating in as little as 7 days.

7 Days

Catalina Checkout

A unique and fun experience


Flying to one of the most unique airports in California is not without challenges. High above the ocean over a thousand feet below sits an airport literally cut into a mountain-top. With cliffs at both ends, this airports is not for the faint of heart. Let HFA show you the ins and outs of this challenging airport in the sky.

1 Day

Quality Instruction by Knowledgeable and Experienced Instructors

High Flight Aviation is a leading provider of Accelerated Flight Instruction to aviation-minded individuals by creating a learning partnership throughout the learning phase. We operated out of KMYF (Montgomery Field, San Diego CA), KSEE (Gillespie Field, San Diego CA), and KCOE (Pappy Boyington Field, Coeur d’Alene ID).

Our company prides itself in a high first time pass rate.

San Diego is a beautiful area to conduct flight training as our weather allows for nearly year-around flight training. Additionally, because of our partnership with Plus One Flyers, our clients are able to get access to over 100 aircraft, ensuring that whatever your goals, we likely have the aircraft to meet your needs.


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Client Testimonials

Highly Recommend the CFI Course

I completed my CFI-Initial training with Shane out of KMYF after flying mainly in the SF Bay Area. I was initially skeptical that we could complete the training in a single week, but Shane’s regimented syllabus and dynamic teaching style left me feeling more prepared and confident for the CFI check ride than any check ride I’d done before. The training didn’t just help me pass the ride on my first attempt, but also equipped me to immediately jump into instruction by focusing both on what was expected for the PTS and what to expect with a diverse range of students. After passing my check ride, I quickly found a job instructing back in the Bay. I’d highly recommend Shane’s course for anyone looking to buckle down and finish their training.

David A., San Francisco CA

Solid instruction and excellent results

“I did my commercial single and commercial multi with High Flight aviation and I was impressed from the get-go. The instructors were knowledgeable, professional, and just all around rock stars. I’m now working on my CFI with HFA as well and I hope to join their ranks soon.”

– Alan J., San Diego

High flight is the best choice for aviation training

I received all of my pilot training, private pilot through instrument flight instructor, through high flight aviation. High flight is the best choice for aviation training, whether your goal is recreation flying or the airlines. Shane and his team of instructors are very knowledgeable, helpful and make the training process fun. The cost of earning your certificates and ratings will also be a fraction of going to a flight school. Shane’s courses have very organized syllabi, allowing you to study beforehand and saving you time and money during your training. The instruction I received gave me an excellent foundation during airline training, and I would not have been as successful if I had gone to a flight school trying to rush me through the process. High flight allows you to go at your own pace, and the training will be tailored for your individual goals.

– Everett C., San Diego

..Finest instructors I have encountered

In my 43 years of flying, HF Aviation Instructor, Shane Terpstra, is one of the finest Instructors I have encountered. He is instructing me on my Garmin G1000 transition training. I find him to be extremely knowledgeable, professional, engaged, accommodating, and patient. His instructor style adapts to the students needs and personality making for a comfortable and productive learning environment.
Shane fits nicely into the ” the best there is” category for Flight Instructors.

– Henry S., ATP, A & P, CFI, CFII San Diego, CA

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