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Transition Training: Cirrus SR-22

Transition to the Mercedes of GA

Aircraft Checkout: Cessna 182RG w/Aspen

Get your High Performance and Complex, all at once!

Our Offices: Beautiful San Diego

Flight Training in a beautiful, sunny setting

Accelerated Flight Instruction for any certificate or rating


High Flight Aviation is pleased to offer accelerated training for your Private Pilot, Commercial Pilot and Certificated Flight Instructor certificates.

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Add-On Ratings

High Flight Aviation provides a simple, cost-effective way to earn your Instrument, Seaplane and Multi-Engine Rating Add-Ons in a structured and friendly environment.

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Aircraft Checkouts

High Flight Aviation is proud to partner with Plus One Flyers to offer checkouts in all Plus One aircraft, including G1000 and Cirrus Transition training.

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We are extremely proud to be able to utilize Plus One Flyers for all of our flight instruction aircraft.

Plus One Flyers is the leading flight club in the country.  Pilots from across the globe travel to San Diego just to fly with Plus One.  
Plus One is the largest flight club in the United States with over 60 aircraft and 1,100 members!

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We have an instructor to suit your needs.
High Flight Aviation believes in quality.  Quality in instruction as well as instructors.

Our instructors go through a rigorous checkout process to ensure our clients only get the very best!

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Are you ready?  If you want more information or you're ready to get flying, let us know.

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