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Multi-Engine Rating

Flying multi-engine aircraft is an excellent addition to any certificate. If you are considering a career in aviation, a multi-engine add-on is required. Let High Flight Aviation help you achieve your goals with an accelerated multi-engine training course.

Course Overview:

High Flight Aviation offers a 3-Day, accelerated Multi-Engine Rating course as an add-on to your existing rating.  The course provides an introduction to multi-engine aircraft by using a simulator to get you familiar with the characteristics on an engine failure.  After the ground and simulator training, we’ll move you into the airplane where the real fun begins!  The rest of your training will include both flight time and ground instruction while getting you ready for the check-ride.

All HFA courses, you will receive detailed course tracking information for all flights and maneuvers, giving you immediate feedback of your flight(s).  HFA uses cutting-edge technology giving our students an excellent tool for improving their flying skills every step of the way.

Course Schedule:

High Flight Aviation Offers 2 popular formats to choose from for you to obtain your Multi-Engine Add-On.

3-Day Course – The 3-Day course is an intensive and challenging week of ground and flight instruction that will end with an endorsement and schedule for your check-ride. This is a typical schedule for the course, subject to change for weather and other factors.

  • Day 1 – Introduction to Multi-Engine Aircraft
    • 0800-1200 | Ground Training
    • 1300-1700 | Flight Training
  • Day 2 – Flight and Ground Training
    • 0800-1000 | Ground Training
    • 1000-1200 | Flight Training
    • 1300-1700 | Flight Training
  • Day 3 – Flight Training & Check-ride prep
    • 0800-1200 | Flight Training
    • 1300-1700 | Flight Training & Mock Check-Ride


  • Private or Commercial Single-Engine Land Certificate

Cost & Aircraft Rental:

  • Course Costs: $2,700
    • If additional instruction is needed after the 5th day, instruction is provided at a daily rate of $900/day or $100/hr if less than a full day is required.  In order to guarantee your reservation a 50% deposit is required within 30 days of the start date with the balance due on the first day of the course.
  • Aircraft Costs (Approx): $2,000-$2,500
    • Aircraft are rented through Plus One Flyers which requires membership to join.  Membership is $144 + $37/mo should you decide to remain a member.  You can cancel membership anytime.

* If you need assistance building multi-engine time, please contact us and we’ll try to work with you on effectively building time.

Payment Terms and Conditions:

  • A 50% refundable deposit is due when booking the course and the balance on Day 1. HFA accepts all major credit cards, cash, check. A 3% fee is added to all non-cash transactions.