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Below is a list of our checkout courses. We have a structured and methodical approach to all of our checkout courses to ensure you receive the maximum effectiveness and efficiency of time. And when you are headed to an airport on top of a mountain a thousand feet above the ocean, that’s kinda important!

Catalina Island

The Airport in the Sky.  Catalina Island is truly a remarkable destination for pilots.  The airport is located 1,500 feet above sea level and is met with a cliff at both ends.  A beautiful destination for your next $100 hamburger. 

  • Air tour of Catalina
  • Knowledgeable Instructors
  • Multiple Takeoffs/Landings
  • $400

Cirrus Transition

A true cross-country airplane, this is a perfect platform to get where you want to go. The Cirrus transition is done in a high-performance Cirrus SR-22.  The SR-22’s are very high performance aircraft and a lot of fun to fly

  • 4-Day Accelerated Footprint
  • Cirrus Transition Syllabus
  • G1, G2, Turbo Cirrus
  • $3,200

High Performance/Complex

The 182RG is an awesome airplane to fly!  We typically recommend this airplane for our High Performance/Complex endorsements and it is known as the best overall value airplane in the fleet.

  • 1-Day Accelerated Footprint
  • Numerous Aircraft Choices
  • Go further, faster!
  • $800

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