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High Performance/Complex

The 182RG is an awesome airplane to fly!  We typically recommend this airplane for our High Performance/Complex endorsements and it is known as the best overall value airplane in the fleet.

We’ve selected an absolutely gorgeous Cessna 182RG as our primary High Performance and Complex Training airplane.  This is an excellent airplane for all of your cross-country trips and with the nice appointments of Aspen, Autopilot, new interior and a built-in Stratus receiver for your ForeFlight App, we know you’ll be impressed.  Our typical transition for an IFR pilot is 5 flights, culminating in a super-fun cross country.  This course will give you your High Performance Endorsement, Complex Endorsement, Plus One Flyers checkout and an annual Flight Review.


  • Ground:  The initial training for the High Performance/Complex endorsement will involve approximately 2-3 hours of ground.  The ground portion will include detailing the systems of the 182RG, along with specific pre-flight items, gear operation, etc…  We will review and complete the Aircraft Questionnaire.  We will review the Aspen PFD as well as the STEC Autopilot.
  • Flight 1:  This flight is the first flight and will cover aircraft handling and control.  We will depart Montgomery Field en-route to Anza Borrego (L08).  We will practice many of the Private Pilot maneuvers, including performance maneuvers, approach and departure stalls and general aircraft handling followed by a couple landings at L08.
  • Flight 2:  This flight will consist of a VFR Scenario to Oceanside (KOKB) airport for a short-field landing, short-field takeoff and flight to Fallbrook (L18) for some crosswind and short-field practice.  The final leg of the training flight, back to Montgomery, will include several takeoff/landing scenarios and emergency simulations.
  • Flight 3:  This flight will be an IFR Scenario, departing Montgomery Field with approaches at Oceanside, Palomar and Montgomery airports.  We will review the autopilot and fly a coupled approach into Montgomery.  We will focus on speed management, systems organization and backup/emergency procedures in IFR conditions.
  • Flight 4:  This flight will be a Cross-Country and Abnormal Procedure flight.  You will have the choice of 4 cross-country scenarios.  We will depart Montgomery en-route to your selected destination utilizing the autopilot, all components of the PFD, descent planning (VNAV) as well as an instrument approach to your select airport (provided you are instrument rated).  We will complete the flight with an VFR return to Montgomery.
  • Flight 5:  This is the final flight and will require approx. 1.5 hours to complete.  This final flight will be a check-ride flight based on a simple IFR/VFR scenario.  The flight will result in an FAA Flight Review, Plus One Flyers checkout and High Performance/Complex endorsement.


  • 145 total time 

Cost & Aircraft Rental:

  • Aircraft Costs (Approx): $1,800-$2,400
    • Aircraft are rented through Plus One Flyers which requires membership to join.  Membership is $129 + $34.50/mo should you decide to remain a member.  You can cancel membership anytime.

* Custom Courses and destinations are also available.

Payment Terms and Conditions:

  • Lessons are typically in 3 hour blocks and all clients are billed weekly at $75/hour.  Payment is due upon receipt of invoice and prior to following week’s flights.  Payment forms accepted are Cash, eCheck, Visa, Mastercard, AmEx.

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